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Thanks for taking the quiz!

Below you can find your results based on the letter you chose the most.

If you chose mostly A

You understand that no one will prioritize your needs they way that you will and if you are not taking care of yourself, you won't be able to take care of those you love either. You deny requests that don't align with you with grace and remain poised if others dispute your decision. You use introspection and reflection to make decisions that are right for you, knowing that your happiness is more important than pleasing others.


If you chose mostly B

Saying no is not a MAJOR problem for you, but you do feel some inner turmoil when turning down someone in need. As a result you find yourself saying yes more often than you would like. You try to prioritize your own needs and set personal boundaries, but sometimes find yourself conflicted with dedicating time to yourself knowing you could be helping others.

If you chose mostly C

Setting personal boundaries is sometimes difficult for you because you don't want to be seen as mean or selfish. When you have tried to set boundaries in the past you may have let feeling of guilt talk you out of sticking to them. You know that your needs should be priority for you, but following through when someone else needs your help is a challenge.


If you chose mostly D

Everything you do from the moment you open your eyes is centered around taking care of others. You say yes to requests even if that means dropping what you're working on to help someone else. Sometimes this might mean completely putting your happiness aside even if it's at the expense of your mental and physical health. As a result you often feel frustrated and bitter finding yourself unable to set personal boundaries and avoiding declining a request in fear of negatively impacting others.

Looking for more information?

Are you looking for support and guidance to overcome the habit of people pleasing and learn to set personal boundaries? I have created a mini course for you that will cover all that and more!

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