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3 Week Reset And Realign Challenge

A FREE yoga and mindfulness challenge to help you realign with your inner self, create physical and mental balance, and find calm during the holiday season

Whether you've thought about trying yoga, but aren't sure where to start or have been meaning to get back to your practice, this challenge is for you!

The Breakdown

Weekly sessions to challenge the body, while also providing calm and serenity for the mind, just in time for the busy holiday season.

In this workshop we will cover

To help you on your journey to overcoming anxiety, finding calm, and beginning to dive into this beautiful practice (that quite frankly changed my life!).

In confidence, it took years for me to start being consistent with my practice because I, likely like you, felt a lot of resistance to just sitting in silence (rightfully so when you see it that way!).


There was a lot of frustration along the way, but for some reason I kept feeling drawn back to it.


Until finally one day after two weeks of consistent practice, I had a moment of relization while driving in traffic on a gloomy day.


My mood wasn't impacted by the lack of sunshine. I was...just at peace.


After years of battling anxiety, that moment was so profound for me!

I am here to share of your tips and tricks with you so you too can begin your journey to a more calm and confident you.


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